neuroses neuroses  /nʊ ˈroʊ siz/


  • (n) a mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction



  1. One of the neuroses that afflicts a youth-obsessed society is the fear that childhood isn't what it used to be.
  2. Later, pensions seem to help make the neuroses last longer.
  3. The foundations of neuroses, Freud discovered, were laid in the sex experiences of early childhood.



  1. "I thought when Abbas gave me the script that the character was a little bit crazy," Binoche said. "I was about to start researching neuroses when he said, 'No, the character is you, she does not have neuroses. Just be yourself.' She gives a...
    on May 24, 2010 By: Juliette Binoche Source: Times Online

  2. "I don't think you really want to watch a marriage that works on television," Garrett said. "I don't know how funny that would be. I think there are different degrees of dysfunctional marriage. A marriage is a blending of neuroses. And Joely...
    on Sep 7, 2006 By: Brad Garrett Source: Arkansas Democrat Gazette

  3. "I had such terrible stage fright (then) that it wasn't much fun," Baez says. "I was riddled with neuroses and sleeplessness and panic attacks and all this stuff."
    on Feb 12, 2009 By: Joan Baez Source: AZ

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