neuroethics neuroethics


  • (n) the study of ethical implications of treatments for neurological diseases


  1. Welcome to the exploding new field of neuroethics, the study of the ethical and philosophical dilemmas provoked by advances in brain science.
  2. Hybrid fields like neuroethics and neuroeconomics are emerging so rapidly that neuro may well become investors' next hot prefix.


  • Helping young adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities

    ( Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal ) In a study published today by the medical journal Paediatrics & Child Health, IRCM researchers address shortcomings in transitional care in the Canadian healthcare system. The team led by Eric Racine and Emily Bell, Montréal neuroethics experts, identified important challenges in the transition from paediatric to adult health care, especially ...
    on February 3, 2014     Source: EurekAlert!

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