neoexpressionism neoexpressionism


  • (n) an art movement based on expressionism; developed in 1980s in Europe and United States; crudely drawn garish paintings


  1. Today neoexpressionism, the obsession of the early '80s, has run its course and is nearly as dead as mutton.
  2. The show records a long-due disenchantment with the lumpy rhetoric of neoexpressionism, the hot ticket of the early '80s.
  3. Much of the vigorous Bay Area brushwork was reflected, more than a quarter-century later, in paint- happy neoexpressionism.


  • "At the time he was painting, minimalism was really big so that was those big blank canvases. I think art had become so intellectual," Davis said. "He started painting - they called it 'neoexpressionism' - there was so much colour, he used...
    on Feb 24, 2010 By: Tamara Davis Source:

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