negritude negritude


  • (n) an ideological position that holds Black culture to be independent and valid on its own terms; an affirmation of the African cultural heritage


  1. The Caribbean, with its buried history of slave trade and uprisings, its lingering essense of negritude, is a good stage.
  2. Outsiders thought of Harlem as a night town of song, dance and an imperfectly understood negritude.
  3. He has never sought or wanted to be a symbol of negritude.


  1. "I would like to pay tribute to the memory of a great poet who became famous through the quality of his writings. We will remember an initiator with Léopold Sedar Senghor of the Negritude concept," Sarkozy said while adding his voice to the...
    on Apr 18, 2008 By: Nicolas Sarkozy Source:

  2. "No," Naipaul said, with an impatient tapping of his brogue, "negritude, negritude, negritude".
    on Apr 4, 2008 By: VS Naipaul Source:

  3. ...Cesaire, the Martinique poet acknowledged to be among the most significant French-language voices in the Caribbean, described Haiti as the start of collective black pride and consciousness, "the place where negritude was born."
    on Feb 1, 2010 By: Aimé Césaire Source: Toronto Star

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