nefariously nefariously


  • (adv) in a nefarious manner or to a nefarious degree


  1. By utilizing an operating system's "shortcuts," used to access and start programs stored on the hard drive, nefariously designed links could bypass the browser's security systems .
  2. In one legendary instance the Mirror was nefariously buried and concealed; but the Sun Goddess at once caused it to project upwards from the ground a radiance so transcendant .
  3. It was further said that the wheat farmer had been nefariously blocked out of the rubber program by WPB officials who came from the oil industry and from the industrial-alcohol .


  • Crying foul on investigation proves nothing

    Let’s assume the worst of what Alex Rodriguez and his camp are claiming is not conspiracy theory, but gospel. Let’s say the Yankees have worked nefariously to keep him off the field for insurance money or to concoct a way to void as much of his remaining contract...
    on August 4, 2013     Source: New York Post


  • "Nobody acted nefariously," Zywicki says. "Greenspan was trying to save the economy, not wreck it. But he still created a bubble."
    on Apr 9, 2009 By: Todd Zywicki Source: Forbes

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