nectarine nectarine


  1. (n) variety or mutation of the peach bearing fruit with smooth skin and (usually) yellow flesh
  2. (n) a variety or mutation of the peach that has a smooth skin


  1. Buzzing off from the nectarine, Stephen returns to England to suffer some more.
  2. Jacob is showing top officials from Tunis the new field of baby nectarine trees that were planted in January.
  3. The nectarine his strong tint imbibes, And apples of ten thousand tribes, And quick peculiar quince.


  • What We Like: Stone Fruit, Public Art, Summer Drinking

    FOOD It’s summer, which means lotsa stone fruits, which means lotsa creative usages of said stone fruit. Try this DELICIOUS nectarine galette over at Smitten Kitchen.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]
    on June 17, 2013     Source: East Bay Express


  • "The Elbertas come at the end of our peach and nectarine season," Masumoto says. "They usually ripen the last two weeks of July or first two weeks in August. This year it looks like August. Our other varieties start in late May (we've already...
    on Jul 1, 2008 By: David Mas Masumoto Source: Los Angeles Times

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