neckless neckless


  • (adj) lacking or apparently lacking a neck


  1. The neck and the neckless skeleton were shipped back to Washington, mounted as a single specimen.
  2. Looks neolithic, neckless, materialistic with powerful drive and stubborn pugnacity.
  3. After introducing a popular line of neckless irons, he hit upon the idea of Big Bertha.


  • Researchers Discover Tenth Century BCE Inscription Near Temple Mount

    April Flowers for - Your Universe Online A team of researchers, led by Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Eliat Mazar , has unearthed the earliest alphabetical written text ever found in the city, near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Found with six others at the Ophel excavation site, the inscription is engraved on a large pithos, or neckless ceramic jar. The inscription is in ...
    on July 11, 2013     Source: redOrbit

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