navigability navigability


  • (n) the quality of being suitable for the passage of a ship or aircraft


  1. He'll measure a river by its navigability.
  2. Opponents have also contended that plans for building a road and improving the navigability of the Ndoki River will open the area to those who would exploit it.
  3. A power dam on the New River could affect downstream navigability and hence interstate commerce.


  • Find out which local waterways will be dredged

    Which waterways will be dredged this season? It’s a question asked at this time each year as the town and county work together to develop a dredging schedule. Dredging becomes necessary as shifting sands and beach materials carried in the water build up in creeks and ponds, affecting water quality and the navigability of waterways. […]
    on October 6, 2013     Source: The Suffolk Times

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  1. Inaugurating the project in September President Umaru Yar'Adua said that when completed, it would "ensure all-year-round navigability of the River Niger."
    on Nov 7, 2009 By: Yar Adua Source: AFP

  2. "With the retreat of polar ice, increasing navigability of the Northwest Passage and the growing global interest in Arctic resources, Canada faces unprecedented opportunities, but also unprecedented challenges in the North," Harper said on the...
    on Aug 26, 2008 By: Stephen Harper Source: AFP

  3. "I am committed to ensuring that the Mississippi River and its adjoining waterways remain a great source of strength and prosperity for our region," Hare said. "These infrastructure upgrades will spur economic growth by improving navigability...
    on Dec 19, 2007 By: Phil Hare Source: Quad-Cities Online

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