nasally nasally  /ˈneɪ zə li/


  • (adv) in a nasal manner


  1. A young ex-marine with a guitar sang nasally: Life is like a mountain railroad With an engineer that's brave; We must make the run.
  2. Stabler changed his clothes and hurried to the track, where he spoke to the press in his nasally Southern drawl.
  3. It was still brash and undisciplined, often nasally unmusical and handicapped by careless phrasing.



  • "I was saying to Paula, `What does he mean, he sang nasally on purpose? I didn't understand what he was saying.' So I hadn't even heard what he did. Then my eye rolled, given what I was saying to Paula," Cowell told Seacrest.
    on Apr 18, 2007 By: Simon Cowell Source: FOXNews

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