nardo nardo  /ˈnɑr doʊ/


  • (n) Australian clover fern


  1. nardo DiCaprio plays a mercenary gem smuggler named Danny Archer in the new film Blood Diamond.
  2. It consists of three novels, each one glorifying some significant man into an Antichrist Julian the Apostate, Leo nardo da Vinci, Peter the Great.
  3. nardo DiCaprio is fully dressed, shivering and gurgling in a large pool of icy-cold water and.



  • Stefani says, "I'm not a movie star. It's almost embarrassing talking about a movie that I'm only in for a couple of minutes. It's like, don't blink or you'll miss me. Leo(nardo DiCaprio) and the rest are the stars and I'm just lucky enough to have...
    on Dec 25, 2004 By: Gwen Stefani Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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