nalchik nalchik


  • (n) a city in southwestern Russia in a valley of the Caucasus Mountains; an industrial center and health resort



  1. Putin told the press that "his security forces killed scores of gunmen who attacked the southern town of Nalchik."
    on Oct 17, 2005 By: Vladimir Putin Source: American Daily

  2. "No one had arrived in Nalchik from the outside or brought weapons there," said Ivanov, who was in India attending joint military exercises. "That was certainly the underground. Someone gave an order, Kalashnikov guns were taken out and...
    on Oct 16, 2005 By: Sergei Ivanov Source: USA Today

  3. "The Nalchik events showed that many of the attackers were young men with higher educations and good jobs, not from poor families at all," says Sergei Mironov, Speaker of the Federation Council, Russia's upper house of parliament....
    on Nov 23, 2005 By: Sergei Mironov Source: Christian Science Monitor

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