mutely mutely


  • (adv) without speaking



  1. But the grotesque wealth that came to some Arab countries in the 20th century helped make their rulers corrupt, their people complacent or mutely rancorous.
  2. The evidence of a single moment of holocaust lay mutely within a low-slung white hangar at Los Rodeos Airport on a 2,073-ft.
  3. Pare down movie technique to its essentials; show characters behaving, however mutely, rather than acting; make viewers work for their epiphanies.


  • The perils of conventional wisdom – geopolitical edition

    Media surround the relative of a passenger onboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 answers media questions at Lido Hotel on March 11, 2014 in Beijing, China. Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images When it comes to politics -– and missing planes for that matter -– it helps to be an expert, or at least to play one on TV. As I type this, cable news is playing mutely on the television on my desk. The ...
    on March 22, 2014     Source: The Online NewsHour

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