mustiest mustiest


  1. (adj) covered with or smelling of mold
  2. (adj) stale and unclean smelling


Derived Word(s)


  1. To hear those words spoken in the mustiest hall of the British establishment would have given their lordships seizures a while back.
  2. Packard's plants were among the mustiest and least efficient in the industry; its sales organization was without drive or direction; its executives were aging and set in their ways.


  • The Girl and Death Is About as Fresh as Miss Havisham's Yellowed Nightie

    Two of film's mustiest tropes are stitched together in Jos Stelling's period melodrama The Girl and Death : A man falls in love with a prostitute while she wastes away of tuberculosis. As Baz Luhrmann proved with Moulin Rouge! , such an unoriginal premise need not doom a project to re...
    on April 23, 2014     Source: The Village Voice

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