mulish mulish


  • (adj) unreasonably rigid in the face of argument or entreaty or attack


  1. Those mulish brothers had proved they knew how to play a game appreciated by the film establishment and the audience; No Country was by far their biggest box-office success.
  2. Movie critics by nature are solitary, mulish creatures, addicted to individuality, holding to their own recalcitrant opinions.
  3. Even collective farms have failed to turn the mulish muzhik into a village Bolshevik.


  • "A democratic body is behaving in a dictatorial fashion," says Kapil. "With its mulish refusal to talk to ICL, BCCI has been helping us grow bigger. If it is controlling cricket in India, it must talk to anyone who is working for the...
    on Aug 25, 2007 By: Kapil Dev Source: Outlook (registration)

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