moulder moulder  /ˈmoʊl dər/


  • (v) break down



  1. Theirs was a battle which wanted Homer, a cause which heeded Byron: Better to sink beneath the shock Than moulder piecemeal on the rock.
  2. The accusation overlooks Symington's authentic streak of respect for labor, which stems from his grimy days as a chipper and moulder in his uncle's foundry.
  3. Starting near the bottom, as a chipper and then a moulder, he used to come home black with grime.



  • "When I got home I made drawings of it. I'm afraid the war art people will loathe them. I guess they'll dislike all my stuff: it's probably destined to moulder for a century or so in the cellars until some subsequent war unearths it as antique...
    on Apr 24, 2009 By: Donald Friend Source: The Australian

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