moduli moduli


  1. (n) an integer that can be divided without remainder into the difference between two other integers
  2. (n) the absolute value of a complex number
  3. (n) (physics) a coefficient that expresses how much of a specified property is possessed by a specified substance


  • These offer an accessible but nontrivial example of the pathology of moduli of higher dimensional varietiesa subject whose development is strikingly neglected.


  • Maryam Mirzakhani Receives The Simons Investigators 2013 Award

    Maryam Mirzakhani is an Iranian-American mathematician, Professor of Mathematics (since September 1, 2008) at Stanford University. Mirzakhani's work is focused on Teichmuller theory and dynamics of natural geometric flows over the moduli space of Riemann surfaces.
    on July 30, 2013     Source: Payvand Iran News

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