misogynous misogynous


  • (adj) hating women in particular


  1. Greying, pompous, misogynous Monsieur Jules has been official barber to French parliamentarians for upwards of two decades.
  2. Munch was a highly neurotic, misogynous, inward-turning artist who led the revolt of the '90s against the formal, detached, analytical approach of the French Impressionists.
  3. When April trips round again next year, Harrison will be doing business in the same old stanceas misogynous Professor 'Enry 'Iggins in the London version of Lady.


  • Letter: Caloric theory

    If you disagree with the president, you are a racist. If you are not a Hillary fan, you are misogynous. Similarly, if you do not accept man-caused climate change, you are a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, because the “consensus” is in, or it is “settled science.” There is nothing more intellectually vacuous than those words — words designed to shut off debate. The experts are always right. Bunk.
    on March 1, 2014     Source: New Bern Sun Journal

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