millionairess millionairess


  • (n) a woman millionaire


  1. A Los Angeles millionairess, Elsie Pollack, now features chili at her dinner parties; another wealthy hostess has replaced cut flowers with synthetic centerpieces.
  2. If you're the Hong Kong government and the millionairess is Sally Aw Sian, you apparently give her a big legal break.
  3. Shriver, married to a Kennedy millionairess, turned out to be the poorest of the quartet of main political contenders.


  • Manston Airport sold to Lothian Shelf for £1

    Manston Airport in Kent, in the UK Southeast, will be sold for £1 ($1.62) to Lothian Shelf (710) Limited, a company owned by transport millionairess Ann Gloag. read more
    on October 29, 2013     Source: Air Transport World

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