merrymaker merrymaker


  • (n) a celebrant who shares in a noisy party



  1. From movies to theme parks to retail products, Disney is the hottest all- around merrymaker in America.
  2. No merrymaker could really begin to enjoy himself in peace until he had a badge in his buttonhole and a copy of Unita protruding from his pocket.


  • Recap: Dim Mak Records And Jack In The Box Serve Up A Delicious Mix

    What's a merrymaker to do after an exhausting night of shaking one's money-maker at Hollywood¹s Warholian Dim Mak Studios? Boasting over 2200 locations in 19 states, many operating 24-hour drive-through service for 24-hour party people, Jack In The Box¹s vast menu offers snacks and meals ranging from the piquant to the sweet, in addition to the holy grail of fast food: 'round-the-clock breakfast ...
    on October 30, 2013     Source: Vibe Magazine

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