merrier merrier  /ˈmɛ ri ər/


  1. (adj) full of or showing high-spirited merriment
  2. (adj) offering fun and gaiety
  3. (adj) quick and energetic


  1. The more the merrier is the name of the game we don't care how readers get ahold of the stuff, as long as you remember our name and look at our ads.
  2. And Skaggs did wonder if the city's gas-fired wakefulness had begun to overstimulate its inhabitants, make them merrier, louder, funnier, stranger, greedier, crazed.
  3. On this the monks grew merrier merrier, saving up their money for uproarious nights in nearby Bedouin and Moslem villages.


  • Lyon plans Summerfest festival

    The more, the merrier. That's the buzz around town with news that the Lyon Township Downtown Development Authority has added a carnival-themed Summerfest to its already action-packed lineup of seasonal events.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: South Lyon Herald


  1. "I've played a lot of games so far this season, but as far as I'm concerned the more the merrier," said Zanetti. "I prefer playing regularly and I'm happiest giving my all for the side. I have no real preference for defence or midfield - it...
    on Nov 7, 2007 By: Javier Zanetti Source:

  2. "I think we have a terrific bullpen," Cashman said. "The more, the merrier. You can never have enough."
    on Feb 22, 2010 By: Brian Cashman Source:

  3. "The August meetings will be big," Lindros said. "The more people you have, the merrier. We're going to banging around a bunch of issues. And we'll see where we stand in terms of our search."
    on Jun 28, 2007 By: Eric Lindros Source:

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