merge merge  /ˈmɜrdʒ/


  1. (v) become one
  2. (v) mix together different elements
  3. (v) join or combine


Derived Word(s)


  1. Paris and Frankfurt should merge their stock markets to create a powerful counterweight to the London market, which is easily the biggest international financial center in Europe.
  2. It is unlikely that it can merge with the larger Detroit Free Press, which is owned by Gannett.
  3. Next step was to merge Mellon Securities with the First Boston Corp.


  1. Albertsons to Merge Websites

    BOISE, Idaho — Albertsons here said Thursday it plans to merge its website with the website of the former Albertsons chain it purchased from Supervalu in March. read more
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Supermarket News

  2. Compliance Safety Systems Announces Merge With WorkforceQA, Strategic Partnership Delivers Increased Stability In IT ...

    Compliance Safety Systems (CSS) and WorkforceQA have recently announced the merge of their respected companies. CSS is known as a leader in DOT compliance within the trucking industry due to its robust software system and customer service while WorkfoceQA has been utilizing cutting edge Web-based technology offering a full range of services to the Drug-Free Workplace Industry
    on June 13, 2013     Source: SafetyOnline

  3. City of Montgomery to merge 2 depts.; some layoffs expected

    The City of Montgomery is planning to merge two of its departments in an effort to save money. The departments in question are the Food Services Department and the Parks and Recreation Department.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: WSFA 12 Montgomery


  1. "It was a very tough decision," USOC chairman Peter Ueberroth said before opening a sealed envelope and revealing the winning city. "If I had all the power - and sometimes people accuse me of that - I would take the map and merge the two...
    on Apr 14, 2007 By: Peter Ueberroth Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "In my view, as I watch the US airlines scurrying around to merge, anybody that actually ties up with Air Canada gets a unique piece of geography relative to the way the US guys would split it up," Milton said in a conference call. "So there...
    on Feb 8, 2008 By: Robert Milton Source: USA Today

  3. "What BA and AA want to do is effectively merge and that will reap unbelievable damage," Branson said Friday. "It's like allowing Coca Cola and Pepsi to merge. It's unthinkable that a competition authority could allow such a merger to...
    on Sep 12, 2008 By: Richard Branson Source: San Jose Mercury News

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