menthol menthol  /ˈmɛn θɔl/


  1. (n) a crystalline compound that has the cool and minty taste and odor that occurs naturally in peppermint oil; used as a flavoring and in medicine to relieve itching, pain, and nasal congestion
  2. (n) a lotion containing menthol which gives it the smell of mint


  1. Liggett Myers now has menthol L Ms in the longer length.
  2. Filters have swelled from i% of the market in 1952 to 50% today, and menthol cigarettes have gone from 3% to 10%.
  3. Liggett Myers is test-marketing a new Chesterfield menthol.


  • White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Adds Two New Menthol Flavors: Iced Berry And Zero K

    White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, the company with the most electronic cigarette flavors, has announced the addition of two new menthol flavors to their already expansive roster: Iced Berry and Zero K. Menthol triggers cold-sensitive nerves in the skin without providing a drop in temperature and the new flavors were designed to refresh the user
    on June 14, 2013     Source: FoodIngredientsOnline

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  1. "For decades, the tobacco industry has carefully manipulated menthol content not only to lure youth but also to lock in lifelong adult customers," said Howard Koh, a co-author of the paper.
    on Jul 16, 2008 By: Howard Koh Source: USA Today

  2. "Where the compromise was made as I recall was on menthol," Mr. DeWine said.
    on May 12, 2008 By: Mike DeWine Source: New York Times

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