mealymouthed mealymouthed


  • (adj) hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e.g. timidity or hypocrisy


  1. If the Democrats want to win in 2008, they can't be mealymouthed on issues of national security.
  2. I used to be very mealymouthed and very polite.
  3. The Parsons' introductions, gushy and mealymouthed, are thorns in an otherwise enjoyable bowl of soup.


  • 'The Daily Show' Hits a Bull's-Eye: Stand Your Ground Laws Are Racist and Wrong

    Until now, the debate over Stand Your Ground laws has taken a lot of mealymouthed turns around race and Second Amendment rights, but The Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams finally puts it all in an indignant nutshell. In case you missed it, a verdict came down this week in the murder case of Jordan Davis, 17, who was killed in 2012 after 47-year-old Michael Dunn opened fire on the car ...
    on February 20, 2014     Source: via Yahoo! News

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