maternally maternally


  • (adv) in a maternal manner; as a mother


  1. Over the course of a highly compressed 95 minutes we get a sense of the maternally frustrated lives they have lived before arriving at the Casa de los Babys.
  2. For a good many years, Canada's Liberal Government has clucked maternally about the joys of free trade, the selfish shortsightedness of high tariff walls.
  3. Often, because of guilt feelings in the mother who cannot suffer from hemophilia but has transmitted it to her son, a young bleeder is maternally overprotected.


  • Mother's Genes Could Speed Up Aging Process

    Appearance of grey hairs and wrinkles is a nightmare for most of us. From time immemorial, the world have been looking for solutions to extend life span, stop aging, improve eye-sight, keep skin smooth and stay energized. Latest researches in Sweden and Germany said, the blame of early aging could be mostly on maternally inherited genes, apart from your lifestyle.
    on August 23, 2013     Source: RTT News

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