matchwood matchwood


  1. (n) wood in small pieces or splinters
  2. (n) wood suitable for making matchsticks
  3. (n) fragments of wood


  1. A shear of heavy clay and loosened limestone outcroppings tore through the flimsy homes, crushing many like so much matchwood and trapping their occupants.
  2. The leviathan's huge tail flukes can smash the boat to matchwood or sweep a man overboard.
  3. It smashed windows in a score of houses, ripped off a porch, reduced a chicken coop to matchwood, hurled a bevy of screeching fowl high into the air.



    A deer eats from a bait pile at a hunting camp north of Matchwood, Mich. on Nov. 14, 2013. The start of state's first wolf hunt coincides with the start of firearm deer hunting season.
    on November 15, 2013     Source: Greenwich Time

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