mast mast  /ˈmæst/


  1. (n) a vertical spar for supporting sails
  2. (n) nuts of forest trees (as beechnuts and acorns) accumulated on the ground
  3. (n) nuts of forest trees used as feed for swine
  4. (n) any sturdy upright pole


  1. Flags in Atlanta began flying at half-mast shortly after the news was circulated of her passing.
  2. The rooms were hung from a central mast.
  3. In a huge circle about the mooring mast at Camp Kearney, near San Diego, Calif.


  1. Mast Therapeutics Prices Public Offering Of 50 Mln. Units

    Mast Therapeutics Prices Public Offering Of 50 Mln. Units
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  2. Mast Therapeutics Prices Public Offering Of Units

    SAN DIEGO, June 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mast Therapeutics, Inc. (NYSE MKT: MSTX) today announced the pricing of an underwritten public offering of 50,000,000 units, each unit consisting of a fixed combination ...
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    Belle Plaine’s Tad Mast is working at The Star Press Union as a summer intern. Mast said, “I went to Belle Plaine Schools from elementary up to high school, even taking my mother Leah Mast’s class. After graduation, I enrolled at Iowa State University as an aerospace engineer. It didn’t take long for me to [...]
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  1. "We will fly the Pakistan flag at half-mast in her honor," Musharraf said in his condolence message televised on state-run Pakistan Television. "Terrorists are the greatest threat to Pakistan and we won't rest till we defeat terrorism."
    on Dec 27, 2007 By: Pervez Musharraf Source: Bloomberg

  2. "We announce three days of national mourning over the death of the father of the nation, and the Afghan flag will be at half mast for three days," Karzai added.
    on Jul 23, 2007 By: Hamid Karzai Source: Times of India

  3. "All of baseball mourns him and I have asked all clubs to observe a moment of silence and fly their flags at half mast in his honor," said Selig.
    on Mar 15, 2007 By: Bud Selig Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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