marriage bed marriage bed


  • (n) the bed shared by a newly wed couple


  1. They argue that if you are good folks who raise your daughter to be chaste and pure until she reaches her marriage bed, she won't need this.
  2. The marriage bed, its uthor proclaimed, was for pleasure as veil as procreation.
  3. She succeeds; and the novel's titillating climax comes as she prepares the gorgeous marriage bed for David and Kueilan.


  • Amy Dickinson: Long-term marriage deserves real renewal of vows

    I've been married coming up on 50 years. My wife strayed from our marriage bed on several occasions and, frankly, never satisfactorily explained to me why. In any event, she decided to stay married. We have gotten on well together for years and successfully raised two fine children.
    on November 30, 2013     Source: Detroit Free Press

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