marginality marginality


  • (n) the property of being marginal or on the fringes


  1. Last Monday, at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 34th Street, she was a figure of deep marginality.
  2. It is the surest ticket back to the intellectual and political marginality in which conservatism languished before Buckley began cleaning up the movement four decades ago.
  3. His frenetic and unfocused nature drove him into marginality and premature death.


  1. ...explained that society has always had "marginal groups" which do not participate in politics, and while acknowledging that the existence of "marginality on the part of some groups is inherently undemocratic," it has also "enabled...
    on Jun 25, 2010 By: Samuel Huntington Source: Before It's News

  2. Calling for a major shift in the party's direction, the Globe has Marois saying "A political party that doesn't respond to obvious needs is one condemning itself to marginality, or even to disappearance."
    on May 14, 2007 By: Pauline Marois Source: Maisonnueve

  3. "I love the idea of these little, lost towns -- and there's a number of them in the West -- former mining towns which are full of very eccentric people," Patron said. "With all their marginality, they're trying to get by, they're trying to be...
    on Apr 11, 2007 By: Susan Patron Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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