manlier manlier


  1. (adj) possessing qualities befitting a man
  2. (adj) characteristic of a man
  3. (adv) in a manful manner; with qualities thought to befit a man



  1. Because he is a manlier kid than any other who ever achieved stardom, his passage into maturity may not, as it has to others, mean his passage into professional oblivion.
  2. Bob Hoffman started his career with little more than a manly torso and a desire to make it manlier.
  3. Newspapers are so much manlier than magazines.


  1. Bon Appétit's The Grilling Book is the perfect guide for summer cooking

    The Grilling Book Edited by Adam Rapoport Bon Appétit is a much manlier place these days thanks to editor Adam Rapoport, a hip import from GQ Magazine who has flipped the magazine from ho-hum to hot. His first cookbook at the helm puts his sensibility on view. more…
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Charleston City Paper

  2. Chatter: Afghanistan looks after itself

    Afghan forces take over responsibility for their country's safety, Brazil's protests get bigger, Turkey's protests get quieter, and Egyptian TV gets manlier.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: GlobalPost


  • The idea is freedom to pee wherever you are: "The bag can be reused and emptied up to twelve times," Sedaris explains, "making it both disgusting and cost-effective. And what could be manlier?"
    on Jun 15, 2008 By: David Sedaris Source: Toronto Star

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