manet manet  /mæ ˈneɪ/


  • (n) French painter whose work influenced the impressionists (1832-1883)


  • Tomorrow's events (June 12)

    by Art: Manet and the Graphic Arts in France The prints, drawings, and photographs in this small exhibit -- which opens tomorrow, June 12, at 11 a.m. -- focus on the themes, styles, and artists who were active as printmakers in France during the decades leading up to and following the Paris Commune of 1871. The key image in this installation is Edouard Manet's 1871 lithograph ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Palo Alto Weekly


  1. "If we were still in 1950 and the people who owned the Manet or the Monet were still alive, then it would surely be correct to give these paintings back," Rosenthal writes, "but not now and not to grandchildren and great-grandchildren."
    on Mar 19, 2009 By: Norman Rosenthal Source: The Jewish Week

  2. "The part of this picture that reminded me of Manet was the indeterminate quality of the middle ground where the people would be," Stella says of the largely acid-green painting accented with a few loose, unruled bands of Pepto-Bismol pink....
    on Oct 14, 2006 By: Frank Stella Source: Monessen Valley Independent

  3. "I have always believed that Manet and Degas were the grandfathers of modern art ...... It wasn't until Degas and Manet came that they turned their attention to everyday subjects, and I must say, it was a wonderful time for painters to be in,"...
    on Dec 4, 2008 By: Margaret Olley Source: The Canberra Times

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