maladaptive maladaptive


  • (adj) showing faulty adaptation


  1. On the other hand, concentration that is too intense--focusing on cracks in the pavement while a taxi is bearing down on you--is clearly, in Darwinian terms, maladaptive.
  2. There is a genetic contribution, and the rest of it is due to maladaptive lifestyle: too much fat, too little exercise.
  3. Fisher sees the dangers of maladaptive love in fMRI studies she's conducting of people who have been rejected by a lover and can't shake the pain.


  • Beck said the action provided "a political litmus test for individual scholars" which, "is hauntingly reminiscent of McCarthyism which is rooted not in progressive peaceful ideals, but in bigoted, maladaptive and xenophobic attitudes."
    on May 30, 2006 By: Beck Source:

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