mahimahi mahimahi


  1. (n) the lean flesh of a saltwater fish found in warm waters (especially in Hawaii)
  2. (n) large slender food and game fish widely distributed in warm seas (especially around Hawaii)



  1. There's a lobby bar with a martini menu and a restaurant serving mahimahi.
  2. A more magnanimous tutu would surely have thrown in one $500,000 condo and two grilled mahimahi filets.
  3. Los Angeles' Santa Ynez Inn serves mahimahi, baked fillets of dolphin topped, Polynesian-style, with shredded coconut and sliced pineapple.


  • UH scientists determine sunlight affects mercury consumed by fish

    Some fish contain more mercury than others and UH researchers were part of team that recently discovered why. The scientists found that sunlight determines the amount of mercury fish consume. This is backed by previous research that fish that feed at deeper depths, like opah and swordfish, have higher levels of mercury than ones closer to the surface, like mahimahi and yellowfin tuna. "That ...
    on August 27, 2013     Source: KITV Honolulu

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