macrobiotics macrobiotics


  • (n) the theory of promoting health and longevity by means of diet (especially whole beans and grains)


  1. Macrobiotics, like other panaceas, can be many things to many people.
  2. Faced with a medical establishment that could do little but shrug its shoulders, the Beauchard family explores every remote cure, from macrobiotics to mediums to exorcism.
  3. A carousel-like jungle gym in Day-Glo tones suggests the '70s, as do the male lead's fixations on meditation and macrobiotics.


  • Food as medicine movement catching on

    Diet and exercise have long been two important ingredients to staying health and living longer, but now there is a belief in using food as medicine. Connie Arnold, a cancer survivor, is hooked on the macrobiotic lifestyle. "I used to live to eat. I love to eat. I always did, but now I eat to live," said Arnold. Arnold is convinced macrobiotics cured her cancer. She was diagnosed with non ...
    on July 16, 2013     Source: WMTW Portland


  • "George was thinking that in order to have peace and prevent sickness," Kushi says, "we should change diet for mankind. He didn't call it yet macrobiotics, but he was teaching that diet is the basis for war. According to history, meat-eating...
    on Apr 26, 2008 By: Michio Kushi Source: Boston Globe (registration)

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