lycanthropy lycanthropy


  • (n) (folklore) the magical ability of a person to assume the characteristics of a wolf


  1. Organized lycanthropy had become an instrument of the disintegrating Nazi State.
  2. The sudden appearance of unsightly body hair aside, there are, it turns out, certain advantages to lycanthropy, especially in its early stages.
  3. Taken in small doses, the juice of the mariphasa will arrest lycanthropy temporarily.


  • MTV Gets Social With Teen Wolf Memorial Site

    Back in the day, Scott Howard was an undersized point guard with a bad outside hook shot and a self-professed egg allergy. For reasons that are never fully explained in the 1985 film, Teen Wolf, the 5’ 3” Everyman ( Michael J. Fox ) is transformed into a basketball prodigy when his familial lycanthropy kicks in, presumably at the onset of puberty. (This makes no sense. Air Bud aside, dogs suck ...
    on March 19, 2014     Source: Mediaweek

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