lustier lustier


  1. (adj) vigorously passionate
  2. (adj) endowed with or exhibiting great bodily or mental health


  1. Out of the heart of the Nation, out of Indiana has arisen a new and lustier figure.
  2. Its mannered, delicate style seemed so ill-suited to the topic that young Hu dashed off some lustier lines of his own.
  3. Giovanni Agnelli, chairman of Fiat, describes the present arrangement of economic partnership without political integration in lustier Italian metaphor.


  • Speaking to about the record, Coxon said: "The emotion is a lot more edgier. It's about the dreaded LOVE from all sides; from the lustier sort of viewpoints to jealous viewpoints and to downright sentimentality."
    on Mar 22, 2005 By: Graham Coxon Source:

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