lures lures  /ˈlʊrz/


  1. (n) qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward
  2. (n) anything that serves as an enticement
  3. (n) something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed
  4. (v) provoke someone to do something through (often false or exaggerated) promises or persuasion



  1. Yet even in this age of space shuttles, supersonic jets and ultralight airplanes, the quest to build the perfect personal flying machine still lures the world's inventors.
  2. Those are the lures of indie films, as surely as comic-book grandeur is the sine qua non for today's franchise blockbusters.
  3. She has co-opted Republicans to support her agenda through several lures, including cutting business property taxes.


  1. Content Gold Lures the Cash From Apple

    Content Gold Lures the Cash From Apple        
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Motley Fool

  2. Fishing Report

    Black bass: Topwater lures, spinnerbaits, soft plastics and jigs
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Springfield News-Leader


  1. "If you have lures of grandeur, of being something bigger than this, we have to get better as a team," Izzo said.
    on Mar 13, 2009 By: Tom Izzo Source: The Spread

  2. "There are significant lures to go overseas, but when I weighed everything up and how significant my desire was to play for Australia still, this was definitely the right way forward me," Mortlock told AAP.
    on Feb 27, 2008 By: Stirling Mortlock Source: The Age

  3. "The bust was the best thing that happened to Bill Gross," said technology forecaster Paul Saffo. "The lures of the bubble distracted him into doing things that were profitable, but didn't really matter."
    on Jul 20, 2008 By: Paul Saffo Source: International Herald Tribune

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