lousiness lousiness  /ˈlaʊ zi nəs/


  1. (n) infestation with lice (Pediculus humanus) resulting in severe itching
  2. (n) the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions


  • Capp wrote that one of his early bosses was "a certain treasure trove of lousiness, who, in the normal course of each day of his life, managed to be.


  • Sienna Miller struts her stuff in 'Just Like a Woman'

    When women bond in movies, usually it’s over the lousiness of the men in their lives. “Just Like a Woman” from Rachid Bouchareb (“Days of Glory”) seems to fit the pattern — at first. Chicago secretary Marilyn (Sienna Miller) gets fired without pay and discovers her layabout husband (Jesse Bob...
    on July 3, 2013     Source: New York Post


  • Dylan Ratigan said that today was a "continuation of yesterday's lousiness."
    on Jun 27, 2008 By: Dylan Ratigan Source: TheStreet.com

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