lotus-eater lotus-eater


  • (n) someone indifferent to the busy world


  1. For $150 a month the lotus-eater got the sort of house awed tourists peer at in Palm Beachshady, parklike grounds on the mountainside, a sweeping gallery on which a hundred .
  2. Daphne, lotus-eater, was perhaps the most charmingthat is, until she referred casually to the custom of her country that would require Odysseus' death as soon as she was with .
  3. Now ensconced in a Manhattan town house (Kenny is her second husband, her first marriage was a brief misalliance), Nicky is a happy lotus-eater.


  • "It does feel like you have to have both a sense of humor and a deep interest in the world around you to move through it anymore," said Stipe. "It's not enough to be a lotus-eater. But I do have hope. I'm the glass-half-full guy. And I hope...
    on Mar 21, 2008 By: Michael Stipe Source: Los Angeles Times

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