lottery lottery  /ˈlɑ tə ri/


  1. (n) something that is regarded as a chance event
  2. (n) players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots


  1. How Alabama voters appeared to have endorsed a state lottery and then turned against it.
  2. The Associated Press had a great piece of enterprise reporting earlier this week about how much money California could get for privatizing its lottery.


  1. Lottery privatization deal reached in NJ

    TRENTON — New Jersey has signed a contract to outsource part of its lottery operation and has collected $120 million from the vendor as part of the deal, state officials announced Friday.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Daily Journal

  2. ‘The Lottery of Birth’ Examines How Things Go Wrong

    A scene from "The Lottery of Birth." Opens on Friday in Brooklyn. Raoul Martinez and Joshua van Praag’s cinematic lecture “The Lottery of Birth” belongs to that breed of discourse that suggests that if you patiently and succinctly outline why everything’s awful, change can happen.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: New York Times

  3. Lottery Tickets Sold at ATMs, Gas Pumps

    Lottery sales have been booming around the country, and states are looking for ways to rake in even more cash. How? By making tickets available in even more places, Time says. Tickets will be sold at select ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Money Talks News via Yahoo! Finance

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  1. "It's kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket in the cushions of your couch," Francis told the AP - before he saw the e-mail from Dupre's attorney.
    on Mar 19, 2008 By: Joe Francis Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune

  2. "I'd rather be honored with this than win a million dollars in a lottery, because my wife would spend a million in a couple of weeks and I'll have this for the rest of my lifetime," Beck said in a phone interview.
    on Jul 4, 2007 By: Beck Source: Forbes

  3. "It's too easy to issue rules that are on their faith violated by $5 Nassau, sitting at a poker table, buying a lottery ticket and then we can move along," Stern said after wrapping up the league's Board of Governors meetings. "And by the...
    on Oct 25, 2007 By: David Stern Source: USA Today

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