lopped lopped  /ˈlɑpt/


  1. (v) cut off from a whole
  2. (v) cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of



  1. Until he was strangling and mutilating his victims, displaying their lopped-off heads in his apartment and sleeping with their corpses until putrefaction made it unbearable.
  2. During the French Revolution hundreds of heads were lopped off, and the crowds came early to get a good view of such victims as Danton and Robespierre.
  3. The House lopped $2 billion from defense, eliminated the President's proposed $2.


  1. Old Nessie Beheaded At Arlington Park

    Kids love to climb on the plastic Old Nessie sea serpent which appears to be swimming through Allan Saxe Park in Arlington. But a vandal recently lopped off the monster's head.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: CBS Dallas - Fort Worth

  2. New hybrid figures jump into the Skylanders: Swap Force toybox

    When you're tasked with previewing the latest and greatest in kid stuff, it's hard to not feel at least the slightest bit jealous. In my day, our molded lumps of China-manufactured plastics rarely interacted with technology in any meaningful way, and we liked it just fine . Even so, if you lopped a good 20 years off my current age, it would be impossible to avoid the charms of Skylanders, a ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Joystiq


  1. Dennis Hollingsworth, state senate Republican leader, argued that major cuts are needed, or "entire programs that will have to be lopped off".
    on Jul 1, 2009 By: Dennis Hollingsworth Source: Aljazeera.net

  2. "There are people there who are superior in this work and are just waiting to have their heads lopped off," said Sydney Schanberg, a Pulitzer Prize- winning reporter who left The Voice in February over his objections with the new management....
    on Apr 18, 2006 By: Sydney Schanberg Source: International Herald Tribune

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