living living  /ˈlɪ vɪŋ/


  1. (n) the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities
  2. (n) people who are still living
  3. (n) the condition of living or the state of being alive
  4. (n) the financial means whereby one lives
  5. (adj) pertaining to living persons
  6. (adj) true to life; lifelike
  7. (adj) (informal) absolute
  8. (adj) still in existence
  9. (adj) still in active use
  10. (adj) (used of minerals or stone) in its natural state and place; not mined or quarried


  1. Senior Living - PTI's Generations section features news and articles on the baby boomer generation as well as senior and retirement living.
  2. This trade and investment is raising living standards in some countries faster than many thought possible.
  3. A PTI cover story explaining Living Will Resources: Here's a directory of websites to find out about the living will law in your state.


  1. Erickson Living Named by IDG's Computerworld to 2013 List of Best Places to Work in Information Technology

    Erickson Living, a nation-leading developer and manager of Continuing Care Retirement Communities, today announces that IDG's Computerworld magazine has selected it as one of the top 100 organizations ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Marketwired via Yahoo! Finance

  2. Living memorial outgrows space in somber reflection of the wars’ toll

    Unlike memorials created after a conflict ends, providing only the chance to look back on history, this one is a living memorial, growing along with the death toll. It presents a visual record of the human cost of war as it’s being paid — a powerful opportunity for reflection while the country can still change the path it has chosen.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Stars and Stripes

  3. Living a Good Life Includes Preparing for Death

    Margie Jenkins apologizes for being slow to respond to a recent email, saying she has just returned from a cruise to celebrate her 90th birthday. Jenkins believes in living the good life, but for her, this also means planning for the good death. Like a lot of us, her views were shaped by her family experiences.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: U.S.News & World Report LP via Yahoo! News


  1. "For decades, Walter Cronkite was the most trusted voice in America," said Obama in a White House statement. "His rich baritone reached millions of living rooms every night, and in an industry of icons, Walter set the standard by which all...
    on Jul 18, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: AFP

  2. Accepting the award on Sunday night, Swift said, "I hope that you know how much this means to me, that we get to take this back to Nashville! Our families are freaking out in their living rooms! My dad and my little brother are losing their minds in...
    on Jan 31, 2010 By: Taylor Swift Source:

  3. "I have the privilege of living most of my life in a small town," Palin told roaring Republicans at their convention. "I was mayor of my hometown. And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let...
    on Sep 19, 2008 By: Sarah Palin Source: BBC News

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