literalness literalness


  • (n) adhereing to the concrete construal of something


  1. But now Sarkozy is applying that slogan to himself with unexpected literalness: he is moving to increase his presidential salary by nearly 150%.
  2. The work was produced with deadpan literalness and conducted by Hermann Scherchen, one of Europe's famed conductors.
  3. In an awkward bit of balletic literalness, Cranko carries out the friendship gim mick by having the four principals periodically link up on stage in studied poses of togetherness.


  • Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

    As Easter comes into view, the thoughts of billions of Christians turn to Jerusalem, to a sacred weekend that includes the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Of course, people regard these events with various degrees of literalness. But Easter retains its power.
    on April 19, 2014     Source: CNN

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