lister lister  /ˈlɪ stər/


  1. (n) English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)
  2. (n) assessor who makes out the tax lists
  3. (n) moldboard plow with a double moldboard designed to move dirt to either side of a central furrow


  1. His ad implies that Obama is an empty suit, a D lister.
  2. Yes, everybody in Hollywood is trying to be as cool as that hip documentary A-lister, Al Gore.
  3. In a sign that power is shifting in Hollywood from stars to suits, Cruise was just the latest A-lister to have been scolded by a testy executive.


  1. 'Leader' of 2011 shots fired incident at apartment gets consecutive sentences, 40-plus years in prison

    With the sentence that Saginaw County Circuit Judge Darnell Jackson handed down Monday, Derrick B. Lister will be 86 years old when he's eligible for parole.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Saginaw News

  2. Intercepted communications called critical in terror investigations

    By Tim Lister and Paul Cruickshank CNN (CNN) — As arguments rage about the proper balance between civil liberties and...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: FOX 13 Utah

  3. Russell Crowe and the ‘Man of Steel’ Spandex Challenge

    Russell Crowe is dishing about one of his most difficult acting challenges to date — wearing spandex! The Hollywood A-lister opened up to MTV News about the trying experience of rocking spandex for his role as Superman's father, Jor-El in "Man of Steel." It was so tight that he even called this costume one of the hardest he's ever had to put on. The Oscar winning actor said, "The spandex in this ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: omg! Celeb News via omg!


  1. "If I'm going to really consider doing acting after football, this a great start to let me get my feet wet," Owens said. "For an actor trying to become an A-lister, I think I'm on the bottom of the pile. I'm a D-lister."
    on Sep 19, 2007 By: Terrell Owens Source: Prince George Citizen

  2. "It's been an amazing year for me, to become an A-lister," Mayweather said. "I did 'Dancing with the Stars' and so many different shows, and just having the fans supporting me and all the the writers and all the web sites keeping my name out...
    on Dec 6, 2007 By: Floyd Mayweather Jr Source: USA Today

  3. "I guess he's obviously scarred of starring alongside an A-lister," said Hilton to the San Francisco Chronicle ...
    on Aug 28, 2006 By: Paris Hilton Source: (blog)

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