lire lire  /ˈlɪ rə/


  1. (n) the basic unit of money on Malta; equal to 100 cents
  2. (n) the basic unit of money in Turkey
  3. (n) formerly the basic unit of money in Italy; equal to 100 centesimi


  1. Packed in suitcases and hidden in the false bottoms of automobiles, lire are being smuggled out of Italy at the rate of more than $200 million a month.
  2. The internal debt now stands at 91,968,000,000 lire and liquid funds at disposal of the Treasury have been increased during the same period by 300,000,000 lire.
  3. The diva yielded 50,000 lire and assorted diamonds and rubies, as well as soap and candles.


  • The Other Javier Zanetti: The Forgotten Story of Sebastian Rambert

    Massimo Moratti spent 18 years as the owner and president of Inter Milan , yet almost without dispute, it is the very first signing he made that will go down as his best. Over his career, Moratti spent hundreds of millions of lire (and later euros) on the likes of Ronaldo, Christian Vieri, Hernan Crespo and Francesco Toldo—yet his first signing did not quite hint at the extravagant spending to ...
    on November 29, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. "I respect you as a politician but you're always gave me wrong advices. Two years ago, Dr. Sant told me to depreciate the Maltese lire by 10 per cent", Dr.Gonzi said.
    on Oct 20, 2007 By: Lawrence Gonzi Source:

  2. "It would be easy to expect a demand for thousands of millions of lire," Professor Argan said.
    on Feb 6, 2008 By: Giulio Carlo Argan Source: Times Online

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