lipped lipped  /ˈlɪpt/


  1. (adj) having a lip or lips
  2. (n) either of two fleshy folds of tissue that surround the mouth and play a role in speaking
  3. (n) (botany) either of the two parts of a bilabiate corolla or calyx
  4. (n) an impudent or insolent rejoinder
  5. (n) the top edge of a vessel or other container
  6. (n) either the outer margin or the inner margin of the aperture of a gastropod's shell


  1. World leaders have mostly reacted to Ahmadinejad's re-election with tight-lipped caution.
  2. When 200 tight-lipped strangers moved into the hotel, rumors flew that the Arabs or organized crime were behind the project.
  3. But true to form, the Bush administration continues to be extremely tight-lipped about the investigation -- even internally.


  1. As evidence mounts in murder case, Pats player returns home

    By Abbey Niezgoda The tight end is staying tight lipped about the murder investigation, but sources tell ABC News the evidence against Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is mounting and
    on June 22, 2013     Source: ABC 6 Providence

  2. Questions swirl around NFL star amid murder probe

    Tight-lipped law enforcement officials in Massachusetts refused to comment on conflicting reports late Friday about the possible imminent arrest of one of the NFL’s top young stars in connection with the murder of an amateur football player whose body was found earlier this week near his home.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Fox News

  3. DEA tight-lipped on DeKalb County home raid

    The Drug Enforcement Agency remains tight-lipped about its raid on a home in DeKalb County on Wednesday.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: FOX 5 Atlanta


  1. "Even the minuscule amount that I upstaged him there - him being 8 up - I still thought he was going to make it," Cink said. "He lipped it out, and I thought, 'Hey, come on. At least give me a moment to shine here.' And he said, 'Sorry,...
    on Feb 23, 2008 By: Stewart Cink Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "On 18 it was like, 'OK, we deserve this one. Come on, let's make it.' And it was pretty much in the middle of the hole, and just at the end decided to go left and lipped out," Ochoa said. "I didn't have anymore emotions to show. I was done...
    on Apr 5, 2008 By: Lorena Ochoa Source: FOXNews

  3. "I didn't really mis-hit a shot in my first five holes," Flanagan said. "Just middle of greens and a couple of putts that lipped out. For once, I stayed patient and knew I had a couple of easy -- well, easier par-fours and par- fives to come...
    on Jul 18, 2008 By: Nick Flanagan Source: Sports Network

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