lipless lipless


  • (adj) without a lip or lips


  1. Langfeld, the oldest, was a horse-faced, clean-shaven, lipless veteran of World War I who told his story coldly.
  2. After the first few telecasts of lined, lipless ladies and black-bristled men, there was a rush for makeup.
  3. Jammed and squashed into nine large halls, some 30,000 workpeople heard the Prime Minister's husky voice, mostly from the lipless mouths of loud speakers.


  • "My main pattern was throwing a 1/2-ounce Strike King Diamond Shad (lipless crankbait) in several different crawfish patterns," said Kevin VanDam. "The best was a gold crawfish, but I also fished reds and browns."
    on Mar 2, 2004 By: Kevin VanDam Source:

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