lineal lineal  /ˈlɪ ni əl/


  1. (adj) in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child
  2. (adj) arranged in a line


  1. The ancestor in 1704 willed that no other than his lineal descendants might own stock in his Estate.
  2. Its lineal descendent is Idiom Neutral, a less arbitrary, more scientifically-begotten language.


  • 2013 College Football Belt predictions: Can the Big 12 hold the title all year?

    College football, a sport long without a traditional postseason, has often inspired its fans to concoct championship scenarios of their own. One of these is the College Football Belt , a website that tracks a lineal championship beginning in 1972. Only one team can hold the belt at a time. It's like boxing. A team can only win the belt by beating its current holder. Nebraska held it first, being ...
    on June 26, 2013     Source: SB Nation


  1. "Even with all the belts, he's still the lineal champion in so many weight classes. I make him out to be the greatest Asian fighter of all time, and conceivably, one of the greatest fighters of all time if he can carry this off," said Sugar.
    on May 2, 2009 By: Bert Sugar Source: ABS CBN News

  2. "I realized it was time for me to leave," said Lewis, who finishes 41-2-1 with 32 KOs. "I've completed all my goals. The mission I set out on in the beginning - to become heavyweight champion of the world, undisputed, lineal champion - you...
    on Feb 5, 2004 By: Lennox Lewis Source: USA Today

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