limply limply


  • (adv) without rigidity


  1. On CBS's show, effervescent Co-Anchor Phyllis George ended her interview by calling on Dotson and Webb to shake hands, and they did, limply.
  2. If they gave a damn about the island community, only limply gestured at over the last 2.
  3. From across the street the La Salle looked undamaged; only a few sheets dangling limply from windows recalled the nightmare.



  • In a blog post from one of her trips, Riley wrote the face of malaria "looked like Telina, a 4-month old lying limply in her small hospital bed, with the only movement coming from the IV drip giving her much-needed hydration. She was seemingly...
    on Jun 8, 2010 By: Ruth Riley Source: Tulsa World

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