lightless lightless


  1. (adj) giving no light
  2. (adj) without illumination



  1. It's no secret that rats which spend much of their lives navigating narrow, often lightless passages need more than a good sense of smell to get around.
  2. If the viewer steps back a few paces, the interior spheres look like twin, lightless moons haunting the barren landscape of a science-fiction planet.
  3. The shark, a creature of the lightless deep, was in pain near the surface.


  • Oak Hills Tavern: The Med Center dive will lift your spirits, too

    The so-called Supermoon illuminates our steps in the otherwise lightless back lot hidden behind Oak Hills Tavern. As luck would have it, my cohort for this Saturday night, Mr. Angotti, used to, according to him, frequent this bar “about six or seven years ago.” If his memory holds, we should be able to safely make our way to the back entrance before something sinister happens. Our mission is ...
    on July 3, 2013     Source: San Antonio Current

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