lifelessly lifelessly


  1. (adv) without animation or vitality
  2. (adv) in a lifeless manner
  3. (adv) as if dead


  1. Nobody in the audience smiles or talks; the models look like they're on the Bataan death march; and people slowly, lifelessly clap at the end.
  2. After giving an animal cry, Madden opens his mouth again in a terrible soundless scream and sags lifelessly, like a crucified soul.
  3. Two of the Flames, Testamark and Pollard, had once played alongside a glum guitarist who stared lifelessly into the innards of his guitar.


  • Jet ski racer brings national title to Winona

    Spencer Sieracki gripped the throttle on his jet ski and waited shoulder to shoulder with a dozen other tense jet skiers. The flag went down, their jets roared, and the racers surged forward toward the first buoy. Sieracki's craft bobbed lifelessly in their wakes and its engine sputtered.
    on September 4, 2013     Source: Winona Post

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